Scrublet Droid

I don’t know if you seen the advert for some L’Oreal product, but in the long-running tradition of inventing bullshit to sell more product, they’ve now created something called Scrublet.
Yep. You heard me.


Ridiculous as this is, it has led to Clare doing me a little drawing of the Scrublet Droid, which I can only assume is the next step in the never-ending march of face-cleaning technology.
It’s awesome having a graphic designer for a girlfriend.

3 Responses to “Scrublet Droid”

  1. Penfold Says:

    I thought I recognised our bathroom!

  2. Awww… it’s so cute, I would love it to scrub my face! Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a face snob, I only use Aveda and love it. I like it being called an ‘exfoliator’ I don’t know how they came up with scrublet…

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