Crustacea Update; Space Is Cool

Well, shit.

It looks like I can’t have a crayfish after all. Fear ye not, my blog-reading friends, for I am resolved in my decapod devoted deeds. There will be exoskeletal life in this tank yet!

I’m getting a crab, and I’m gonna call it Nebula.

I’ve done my research, as you would expect, and with pretty minor adjustments to my tank (i.e. making it of a tropical temperature, brackish and semi aquatic) I can get  (ironically) a Red Claw Crab, Pseudosesarma moeshi, AKA Perisesarma bidens.

Turns out these crafty little buggers are just about the right size for my tank, and by most people’s estimations make great pets, albeit great escapologists. Not only that, I can procure one from the pet shop round the corner from me. I’m also looking into the possibility of some little shrimp of some description – being detrivores they’re very good as an aquatic cleaning crew.  That in mind, surely I’ve got to call them Stoppit and Tidyup?!

So my spoiling for the shelled ones will soon be realised. I’m mega excited! Hopefully I’ll get him/her this Saturday, I do need  to get one or two more bits before I do but in general I’m pretty much set.

For those of you who don’t understand the relevance of the name (and all you astronomy lovers), here’s a few factoids:

  1. The Crab Nebula is a nebula formed from the supernova SN 1054 which occurred, surprisingly, in the year 1054 and was named for its crab-like appearance.
  2. The supernova event was seen from earth and recorded by Chinese, Japanese, Native American, and Persian/Arab astronomers. It is believed that the Anasazi recorded the event in a cliff painting called Supernova Platograph
  3. At the heart of the Crab Nebula lies the Crab Pulsar, a neutron star around 12 miles in diameter which rotates about 30.2 times a second. It’s also very pretty.
  4. The Crab nebula is often used to calibrate X-Ray astronomy detectors – as a result, ‘crab’ and ‘millicrab’ are sometimes used as units of flux density. I don’t know what flux density is, but wikipedia gives me the awesome, awesome news that “very few X-ray sources ever exceed one crab in brightness“.

Anyway – enough rambling from me. You’ll no doubt see some photos soon enough!


3 Responses to “Crustacea Update; Space Is Cool”

  1. spunwicked Says:

    Check out armoured shrimps dude (, often overlooked but brilliant bottom feeders. How many fish are in your tank? I once had a crab, liked to ruck with my dwarf congo frog but generally as sociable as you are going to get for a crustacean.

    • Yeah – I’m pretty sure I can get one of these from the same pet shop. Only thing is my tank is only fairly small, so I don’t want anything too big. they get to about 5″ right?

      • spunwicked Says:

        Well, yeah about 5 or 6 inches, they don’t move about too much though, kinda just sit there looking like something out of the Matrix eating away with their glorious array of feeding arms. Poke one with a stick and it uses the underside of its tail to propel away – awesome to watch. Not for eveybody though, they do have a habit of freaking some people out. Best advice I can give with a tropical tank is avoid lobsters. Pinchy little fish eating fuckers.

        The frog and shrimp were my best buys along with an upside down catfish I acquired. Take some macro pics when you get your crusty.

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